Collection: Laque

LAQUÉ (la . ké) is a beauty, cosmetic & personal care shop founded by Farah Elkady with the aim of offering a wide collection of products for a rich and pampering experience.

‘Laqué’ is French for ‘Gloss’ or ‘Varnish’, the meaning for which our brand is inspired as we seek to bring forth product solutions that help achieve healthy, nurtured, and glowing skin.

LAQUÉ is now split to Beauty & Verdure.

LAQUÉ Beauty works toward providing gentle and lightweight makeup suitable for portable, everyday use. LAQUÉ Verdure strives to offer a luxurious bathing experience enhanced by our products that quench the skin and satisfy the eye. 

(Verdure /ˈvəːdjə,ˈvəːdjʊə/: a condition of health, vigor & freshness)